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  • [2014/7/31]Why do some fruit sweeter than before?

    When you eat fruit, there is no comparing it carefully taste? Have you ever thought about global warming, the weather might change what we eat fruit flavors? One research shows t… [MORE]

  • [2014/7/31]Foreign canned food differences

    Canned food in Europe and is recognized as the set of safety, health, food and nutrition in one, very popular. In China, canned foods were considered to be not fresh, not nutriti… [MORE]

  • [2014/7/31]Canned baby food supplement purchase Notes

    In everyone's minds, the raw material is scrap canned food ingredients, plus a variety of health useless or even harmful food additives made. So, canned baby food is not really s… [MORE]

  • [2014/7/31]Precautions to pick three canned

    Choose well-known brands: all aspects of well-known production of canned, from raw materials to processing, the program is very standardized, security, health, nutrition, etc. ar… [MORE]

  • [2014/7/31]Evolution of canned food bottles

    Now, people are constantly accelerating pace of life. Especially at lunch, people more and some will choose fast food fast food. In this context, canned food also ushered in fas… [MORE]

  • [2014/7/31]How to buy high-quality canned?

    1 View of the packaging. Observe the packaging is neat and clean, printed handwriting is clear, whether within the warranty period, but also whether food labels marked with the nam… [MORE]

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